These are the Bunded Tanks in our Harlequin Tank range.

Westcountry Tank Replacements are proud to be approved suppliers and distributors of Harlequin tanks. Harlequin have over thirty years’ experience of manufacturing world-leading oil tanks and all of their tanks are supplied with a ten year warranty. We are able to supply tanks which have capacities of up to 10,000L and which are suitable for domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial installation.
All Harlequin oil tanks are OFCERT licenced by OFTEC and are ‘bunded’ as standard; in order to lessen the chances of an oil leak the tanks are constructed with a dual wall design. In the event that one of the walls is breached, the other will help to guard against tank failure. With decontamination costs typically running into tens of thousands of pounds we have chosen to only supply and fit tanks which meet this gold standard.
Bunded Harlequin tanks are made from medium density polyethylene (MDPE) which is a strong, lightweight and fuel resistant plastic. Harlequin only use virgin material during manufacture to ensure the highest and most consistent quality possible. All tanks are treated with UV inhibitors to prevent degradation of the plastic, even in direct sunlight, and to ensure that no UV rays can penetrate the tank.


MDPE offers considerable advantages over older steel tanks which are prone to corrosion and typically require regular treatment throughout their lives. MDPE, by contrast, is completely corrosion free and offers substantial savings in regard to both material cost and transport cost.


Harlequin produce a full range of tanks and accessories to suit all applications and budgets. Available options include lockable access points, alarm systems, electronic gauges and smart monitoring systems.


To find out more about Harlequin oil tanks please feel free to browse through the product pages on our website but do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you need help finding the right oil tank for your application. To reach us you can call on 01626 830 834 or send email


We are OFTEC registered installers with years of experience helping people in the local area and we would be more than happy to add you to our list of satisfied clients.
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